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Biosafety Protocol 

Biosafety Protocol – COVID-19 – Benz Driver S.A.S

Benz Driver, a leading private transportation company in Bogotá, announces its new Procotolo Biosafety policies, in accordance with national government guidelines and for the protection of its customers and workers.

The recent implementation by Benz Driver, coincides with the relaxation of travel restrictions and the reopening of businesses throughout the country.

During this time, it is crucial that both company personnel and passengers take the following precautions to help prevent the spread of the disease:

• We have replaced handshakes with a friendly, non-contact greeting.
• Drivers will continue to open doors and assist with baggage. These will be disinfected before entering the vehicle and placed in the trunk and/or trunk of the vehicle.
• The company does not allow more than two passengers in its sedans, or four passengers in SUVs. No passengers are allowed in the front seat of any of these vehicles. In the case of vans, only one passenger per row will be allowed.
• Inside the vehicle, drivers and passengers must remain with the seat cover on and the windows completely closed. Benz Dirver will provide disposable mouthguards to passengers upon request.
• Before boarding the vehicle, the driver will provide HYPOCHLORIC ACID for disinfection of shoes and hands. This product is 100% natural and non-toxic, it does not leave hands oily.
• Each passenger’s wrist temperature will be taken (it should not exceed 37 degrees.) If it exceeds this, the passenger will not be able to be transported.
• Benz Driver performs temperature tests on drivers and if they show symptoms of illness, they are instructed to stay home.
• Benz Driver washes and disinfects all vehicles daily, including seats, door handles, windows and other high-impact surfaces, before and after each trip. The company has begun using HYPOCHLORIC ACID to clean and disinfect vehicles. This powerful disinfectant, covers a large surface and kills viruses in places of difficult access (it does not generate odor or texture).
• Each vehicle contains protection on the passenger side mat. This protection is replaced each time the passenger boards the vehicle.


Benz Driver strives to ensure the safety of its drivers and passengers. The company will continue to closely monitor the global situation and update its policies as more information becomes available.

«We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and passengers. We believe that our new policies allow us to continue to provide a high level of service while keeping everyone safe»

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